1. If you sold goods to a bankrupt firm, were the goods (not services) delivered to the bankrupt company within 20 days of the filing date? Note that they cannot be dropped shipped to a customer – they must be delivered to the bankrupt company.

2. If you have goods delivered to the bankrupt company, they may qualify as 503b9 claims. Your firm will have to file a proof of claim form and/or file a motion for allowance of an administrative claim in the bankruptcy proceedings. Take a look at the proof of claim form on this website published by the US Court system. Get advice from a legal advisor on the filing of the proof of claim and/or the filing of a motion for allowance of the administrative claim.

3. If the goods are 503b9 administrative claims in a bankruptcy, there are quality financial firms such as Tannor Capital Management that will purchase 503b9 administrative claims in bankruptcy cases. See their contact info on this site or follow the link below.